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High —mission Current Density Carbon Nanotube Field —mitters: Synthesis and —mission Characteristics

Kukovitsky, Е.F. and L`vov, S.G. and Osin, Yu.N. and Shustov, V.А. (2009) High —mission Current Density Carbon Nanotube Field —mitters: Synthesis and —mission Characteristics. Journal of NANO and MICROSYSTEM TECHNIQUE (10).

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Carbon nanotube layers on silicon substrates with nickel silicide NiSi2 interface layer were produced by chemical vapor deposition (CVD). According to the X-ray-diffraction analysis the silicide forms epitaxial film on silicon surface. Field emission characteristics of such layers with area 7-10-4 cm2 were measured in superhigh vacuum 10-9 Torr. Volt -ampere characteristics corresponds to Fowler-Nordheim theory with field enhancement factor beta = 780. The value of emission current density is 900 mA/cm2. Such density keeps during 60 min work with relative current fluctuation value 0,1 %. Keywords: carbon nanotubes, silicon substrates, nickel silicides, field emission.

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