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Measuring Tools Computer Simulation for Nanometrology

Baturin, А.S. and Bormashov, V.S. and Sheshin, Е.Р. and Zablotskiy, A.V. (2009) Measuring Tools Computer Simulation for Nanometrology. Journal of NANO and MICROSYSTEM TECHNIQUE (8).

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There is a problem of numerical measurements at the nanoscale range where finite probe size of scanning mi­croscopes leads to discrepancy between image and true shape of studied nanoobjects. To solve this problem we propose to supplement real experimental data with simulation results obtained by computer modeling. Typical order of measurements is the sequence "specimen—image—model—parameters" is replaced by the sequence "parameterized model of specimen—simulation of image formation—fitting parameters of specimen shape until the best coincidence between a real image and model one". Keywords: AFM, SEM, nanometrology.

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